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How To Influence Your Manager and Win Promotions

How To Influence Your Manager and Win Promotions

Individual contributors often underestimate how important it is to manage up and have a productive relationship with their manager. In this talk, we'll discuss the most common mistakes everyone makes while managing up. We'll also examines some ways you can flex your leadership skills and go after that promotion.

Zaharenia Atzitzikaki

March 08, 2021

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  1. Z A H A R E N I A A

    T Z I T Z I K A K I Author S U G A R E N I A . C O M Find me at How To In uence Your Manager and Win Promotions An individual contributor's guide to managing up
  2. • VP Design at Workable • Started as a developer

    • Wants to help individual contributors that want to switch to management • Likes cats (send pics!) About me D E V E L O P E R T U R N E D D E S I G N E R T U R N E D M A N A G E R
  3. 🙄 Managers, amirite? W H O N E E D

    S T H E M A N Y W A Y < / >
  4. 😣 We all make mistakes. M A N A G

    E R S A R E O U T T H E R E T O H E L P Y O U < / >
  5. Skipping your 1:1 because you don't have anything to report

    Making the most out of 1:1 meetings by setting up an agenda Practice Avoid
  6. Asking for feedback just because it's "the right thing to

    do" Asking for speci c feedback and following up on it Practice Avoid
  7. Being a hero and suffering in silence Raising red ags

    early, especially for delays Practice Avoid