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Hajime Kato
November 29, 2023


'Modern-style Historical Map Design with QGIS' at FOSS4G ASIA 2023 in Seoul.
韓国ソウルで行われたFOSS4G ASIA 2023での「れきちず」に関する発表スライドです。

Rekichizu / れきちず

Hajime Kato

November 29, 2023

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  1. CONTENTS 01 02 03 04 05 Who am I? Background

    Method Result Future prospects
  2. Self-introduction ━ •~2022 Tokyo •2022~ Hokkaido © MIERUNE | ©

    MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors I am here!
  3. Hobby works ━ •Like maps and route maps, so I’ve

    posted my hobby works on Twitter.
  4. Background in Society ━ •Walking around town, walking old highway

    are popular in Japan •Related services such as books and maps are existed
  5. Actually, the orientation of the letters indicates the location of

    the front gate to the building! 😲 NHK “Bi-no-tsubo” https://www.nhk.or.jp/tsu bo/arc-20081010.html Front Gate “Tsukiji Hatchobori Nihombashi-minami ezu” National Diet Library Digital Collection Front Gate
  6. •1880s Map ‘Jinsoku-zu’ “Historical Agricultural Environment Browsing System” * •Old

    Edition Maps “Konjaku Map” ** Use early modern maps ━ * https://habs.rad.naro.go.jp/ ** https://ktgis.net/kjmapw/
  7. •Use Edo map, early modern map, and current map •Draw

    coastlines, roads, borders, shipping routes, etc. on QGIS Build the basis of map ━
  8. National Archives Digital Archive Historical Agricultural Environment Browsing System Edo

    Map Early modern Map Geographical Survey Institute Current Map Draw routes, coastlines, etc. Correct errors Determine and extract routes, coastlines, etc.
  9. •Plot POIs based on old maps and documents from the

    time. •The locations of villages and towns were estimated from modern maps and dictionaries. Adding POI ━
  10. Pass Ferry/ Port Temple Theatre Barrier Gate Tea- house Mountain

    Post- town Shrine Land- mark Bridge Castle Market
  11. •Plan to use historical place name open data* to update

    the map. Using opendata ━ * https://codh.rois.ac.jp/