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General rules for laboratory

General rules for laboratory

"RULES" that helps to prevent accidents in the laboratory

Maleeha Fatima

April 29, 2020

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  1. Read all procedures thoroughly before entering the laboratory & follow

    all the written & verbal instructions carefully. If you do not understand a direction or part of a procedure, ask your teacher before proceeding the activity. Do not touch any equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the laboratory area until you are instructed to do so. You must have to know the locations & opening procedures of all safety equipment including: first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, fire alarm & exits & know what to do if there is a fire drill during laboratory periods; containers must be closed & any electrical equipment turned off. By Mf
  2. Any time chemicals, heat or glassware are used therefore it

    is necessary to wear hand gloves, safety goggles, mask Lab coat should be worn during lab experiment Contact lenses may not be worn in the laboratory By Mf
  3. Long hairs, dangling jewelry & loose or baggy clothing are

    hazard in the laboratory. Long hairs must be tied back, dangling jewelry & baggy clothing must be secured. By Mf
  4. Be alert & proceed with caution at all times in

    the laboratory. Notify the teacher immediately of any unsafe conditions you observe. Report any accident or injury to the teacher immediately. No matter how trivial it seems. Do not panic. By Mf
  5. ▪ Do not eat, drink or chew in the laboratory.

    ▪ Do not use laboratory glassware as containers for food or beverages. By Mf
  6. Experiments must be personally monitored at all times. Do not

    wander around the room, distract other students, startle other students or interfere with the laboratory experiments of others. By Mf
  7. ✓Keep your hands away from eyes, nose & mouth while

    using chemicals & lab equipments. By Mf
  8. ✓ All chemicals in the lab are to be considered

    dangerous ✓ Avoid handling chemicals with fingers ✓ Do not smell any chemicals ✓ Avoid mouth pipetting ✓ Take out as much chemical as you need from the original container ✓ Never return unused chemicals to their original container ✓ Wash the area properly if it is exposed with chemical ✓ Dispose off all the chemical waste properly ✓ Never mix chemicals in sink drains By Mf
  9. ▪ Examine glassware before use. ▪ Never handle broken glassware

    with your bare hand. ▪ Place the broken material in the designated glass disposal container. ▪ Do not immerse hot glassware in cold water. The glassware may shatter. By Mf